Monday, December 20, 2010

WTH? Harry Reid Invokes Lady Gaga'a Meat Dress to Push Start Treaty

The Fame
What is Harry Reid's fascination with Lady Gaga? He immediately tweeted her when DADT passed.

The Hill reported:
Lady Gaga debuted her meat dress; the Chilean miners were trapped and released; Lindsay Lohan went to rehab, left, and went back again; the BP oil spill started and was months later contained; Kanye West released his latest album and apologized to former President George W. Bush; Prince William and Kate Middleton got engaged; Conan returned to Late Night; and Donovan McNabb debuted with the Redskins and was benched twice.

“One thing that apparently did not happen: Republicans taking the time to actually review the treaty,” Reid’s office said in circulating the list Sunday afternoon.

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