Wednesday, December 29, 2010

DADT Survey Was a Fraud

The Pentagon (History Channel)
The study touted be the Pentagon as proof DADT could be repealed was a fraud. The study was done by email and only 28% responded. 54% of the responses came from Coast Guard members. The Coast Guard is a fine organization, but hardly representative of the other branches of the military.

(WND)- On page 36 of the 267-page Pentagon study, the report's authors note that they conducted a "service member survey" asking 103 questions online of 115,000 personnel – a got a 28 percent response rate overall based on an e-mail awareness campaign. The Pentagon acknowledges there that 54 percent of the survey respondents are Coast Guard members.
Another problem with the email survey is responses could be tied to individuals. I am sure they promised the survey results would be anonymous, but most military knew the answer Team Obama was wanting. Those oppose may have been afraid to respond.

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