Friday, December 24, 2010

Must Be Missed: George W. Bush Sells As Many Books in One Month As Clinton Did in 6 Years

 Decision Points
George W. Bush's new book, "Decision Points" is selling like hotcakes. He has sold over 2 million copies in one month. That is as many as Bill Clinton's  memoir, ‘My Life, sold in 6 years.

The Daily Mail reported:
‘Decision Points’, published both in hardcover and e-book form, is flying off the shelves, the Crown Publishing Group says.

By contrast, former president Bill Clinton’s memoir, ‘My Life’, has logged sales of 2.2million copies since it was first published in 2004.

A spokesman for Crown called the performance remarkable.

He claimed he could not think of any other hardcover nonfiction books in 2010 that had sold even one million copies, much less two.

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