Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Rep. Peter King: "I’m Willing to be Called a Bigot If That’s What it Takes to Investigate Radical Islam in America"

GOP Rep. Peter King is set to be chairman of the house Homeland Security Committee.

Via Think Progress:
COLBY: Talk to me about this investigation that you want to undertake about radicalization. Not everybody is supportive, in fact many have said that you’re looking towards the Muslim community — even though after 9/11 you said that not all Muslims are responsible for what happened on 9/11 — they say you’re a bigot.

KING: Yeah, it’s totally untrue. That’s political correct nonsense. But I’m willing to take that hit if I have to. The fact is that nobody had a closer relationship with the Muslim community than I did before September 11. Since then, I’ve been disappointed that a number of their leaders did not cooperate with law enforcement. There are actual cases in this country where the Imams direct their members not to cooperate with law enforcement on very serious investigations.

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