Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer Vetoes "Birther" Bill

Monday, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer vetoed the so-called "birther" bill that would have forced candidates to show documented proof they were constitutionally eligible for the job.
PHOENIX -- Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer on Monday vetoed a bill that would have required President Barack Obama and other presidential candidates to prove their U.S. citizenship before their names could appear on the state's ballot.
Here is her reason.
Brewer said in her veto letter that she was troubled that the bill empowered Arizona's secretary of state to judge the qualifications of all candidates when they file to run for office.

"I do not support designating one person as the gatekeeper to the ballot for a candidate, which could lead to arbitrary or politically motivated decisions," said Brewer, who was secretary of state until she became governor in 2009.
The bill passed both houses with overwhelming Republican support. If supporters stick together, they have the votes to override Brewer's veto.

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