Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hmm...Moonbats in the Bluegrass State: Church refusing to sign heterosexual's marriage certificates until gay marriage legalized

Kentucky often makes national news in a negative way. For instance, there was the man in Louisville who robbed a bank in order to get put in jail. He accomplished his mission. Then, there were the two men who tried to steal a cash machine by attaching a chain to it. They pulled off their bumper and fled. Unfortunately for them, their license plate was attached to the bumper they left behind. Then, there is Henry Earl. Mr. Earl has been arrested over 1000 times, mostly alcohol related, since 1992. You can see a montage of Earl's many mugshots here. Now, the city of Louisville has a church that is populated by moonbats.
Louisville, Kentucky- On Sunday, April 17, the congregation of Douglass Boulevard Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) unanimously voted to end the practice of signing marriage licenses because they give legal benefits to heterosexual couples that are not available to homosexual couples. Until the church’s ministers may confer identical legal benefits on homosexual and heterosexual couples, they will perform only religious wedding ceremonies.

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