Friday, April 15, 2011

Donald Trump Forces Sean Hannity To Talk About "Birther" Issue (video)

Hannity has been avoiding the "birther" issue like the plague, but Donald Trump has finally forced Hannity to  begin talking about it. Clearly, Hannity is behind the knowledge curve and needs to research the issue in more depth. At least he is isn't ridiculing Americans who want to see Obama's records or calling the issue a distraction. I have a message for Republicans and so-called Conservatives who think this issue is a distraction. Folks who are secretive usually have something to hide. Whatever it is; President Obama has made the decision this information will be very damaging to him in some way. How can any information President Obama is willing to spend as much as $2 million to keep hidden be classified as a distraction in the next election? Remember the Swiftboat Vets? Was that a distraction? Disclosing the truth about John Kerry's past probably cost him the election. The same may be true for President Obama. The Birthers may very well be Obama's Swiftboat Vets.

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