Friday, April 15, 2011

Two Brothers File Lawsuit Claiming Toll Booth Workers Are Illegally Detaining People

I hope they win.
BARTOW | Driving on the Polk Parkway, Lakeland resident Joel Chandler began to notice toll collectors stopping him when he paid with $20 bills.

They wouldn't just make change and let him leave. He waited as they filled out a form with the make, model and tag number of his car....

In February, the Chandler brothers filed a federal lawsuit claiming toll booth operators "unlawfully detained motorists and passengers."

Joel Chandler said the goal is to have a federal judge declare the policy unconstitutional so it can never be reinstated.
Here is a video via 10News about Joel Chandler who was told he wasn't allowed to leave and was being detained by a Florida toll booth operator. His crime: He used a $100 bill.

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