Sunday, April 24, 2011

Louisiana State Senator A.G. Crowe Slaps CNN's Randi Kaye Over Obama Eligibility

 When CNN's Randi Kaye tries to pin down Louisiana State Senator A.G. Crowe by asking him if Obama is eligible to be President, State Sen. Crowe responds,
"Why don't you ask him ?"
CNN's Randi Kay refuses to answer and ends the interview. Louisiana State Senator A.G. Crowe's interview starts shortly after the 5:00 mark of the video. He handles himself very well.

During the first part of the video, CNN's Randi Kaye carries Obama's water and tries to make the case Obama has shown his birth certificate. She displays both the allegedly forged Daily Kos COLB and the COLB. Upon close examination, they do not appear to be the same document. Ron Polarik, PhD explains in this video:


SecondComingOfBast said...

If it ever did turn out he was born somewhere outside the US, the question then becomes, why is it so important for him to be President that he would engage in such a flagrant violation of federal law. And why is it so important for so many others in the media and politics to cover for him, or to ignore and deny the truth. The answer could only be, he is working on behalf of someone who wants to bring this country down.

Mike said...

They did engage in law breaking.

The Factcheck documents are pure forgeries.

See here:

Mike said...

The Factcheck documents are fakes and forgeries.

Mike said...