Saturday, April 23, 2011

Obama says answer to high gasoline prices is to spend money developing renewable energy sources

Shell, Beef, expensive BioDiesel

There is a reason renewable energy is called "green". It costs a lot of money.
WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama says one answer to high gasoline prices is to spend money developing renewable energy sources.

“That’s the key to helping families at the pump and reducing our dependence on foreign oil” in the long term, he said Saturday in his weekly radio and Internet address.

Obama raises the issue of rising fuel prices during almost every public appearance and says that he understands the strain higher fuel costs are putting on some family budgets.

He announced Thursday during an event in Reno, Nev., that the Justice Department will begin looking for cases of fraud or manipulation in the oil markets, even though Attorney General Eric Holder suggested a variety of legal reasons may be behind the surging gas prices.


SE Pepper said...

He STILL doesn't get it, that the current level of over 90% of Americans who drive vehicles, privately or commercially, cannot yet pump "renewable energy sources" into their tanks-- we need GASOLINE-- and to a lesser degree, diesel-- and unless he signs an executive order to outlaw the pumping of gasoline/diesel overnight, we will still need it, tomorrow, and so forth-- therefore we need to drill for it, HERE, and not in Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela, etc......ARGH!

majoga said...

Politicians make a great combustible fuel. And they breed like cockroaches, so there is no "renewable" supply problem.