Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Chris Matthews: The Republican Party is the “Grand Wizard crowd.”

The  race card never gets old for liberals and Democrats. Since Obama has no accomplishments, that is about the only weapon in their arsenal.

Via RCP:
After arguing with MSNBC contributor and former chairman of the RNC Michael Steele over Mitt Romney being a “flat-earther,” Chris Matthews called the Republican party the “Grand Wizard crowd.”
Michael Steele called out Matthews, who eventually doubled-down on his remark.
“I resent that. What is this ‘grand wizard’ nonsense?” Steele asked.
“I should say the far-right party,” Matthews retorted.
“Are you saying that we’re the Ku Klux Klan? Give me a break. Don’t go there with me on that,” Steele warned.
“Okay. Great. Good. Thank you,” Matthews cracked. “There’s none of those problems over there. All those birthers out there.”
“Oh my gosh,” Steele could be heard saying.

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Vaughn Banks said...

Chris Matthews is an idiot. He accused the Republican Party of being the Klan with a top Black Republican,who was once the party chairman,sitting in front of him.