Sunday, April 29, 2012

Flashback 2010: Obama made anti-bullying video for Anti-Christian bully Dan Savage

In 2010 President Obama made the video (posted below) for the "It Gets Better" project. Dan Savage is the creator of the "It Gets Better" project. Savage is opposed to bullying of LGBT teens, but is a bully himself when it comes to Christians or anyone who disagrees with his LGBT agenda. He recently went on a anti-Christian and Bible rant. Obama's favorite anti-bullying speaker cursed Christian students and called them "pansy a$$es." President Obama has been mysteriously silent about Savage's outrageous and offensive behavior. Undoubtedly, he is fearful of loosing the enthusiasm of his LGBT base.

These words from Obama's video ring hollow now:
It is so important that as adults we set an example in our own lives. That we treat everybody with respect. That we are able to see the world through other peoples' eyes...
I guess Obama excludes Christians from the 'other people' category. Perhaps he should hold another summit. If you invite Christians and a foul-mouthed LGBT advocate to a summit, what would the drink be?

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