Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Green Fail: Fisker Automotive may never build a car in Delaware

 Looks like Fisker Automotive may take our $529 million and run.

Via AOL:
Last we heard, Fisker Automotive was still “committed” to building the recently revealed Atlantic sedan at the former General Motors plant in Delaware. A few years ago, Fisker announced that site would be the company’s new domestic production home (the Fisker Karma extended-range plug-in hybrid is made by Valmet in Finland). Still, Fisker did say that any definitive statement on the Atlantic’s production location would not come until the end of the summer.

So we were interested to read new reports from local media that show more signs that the Atlantic might not ever be built in Delaware. On Friday, Delaware Online reports, 12 more workers – including engineers and maintenance technicians – were laid off at the plant, leaving “only a small maintenance team” left there. One of those let go was Jeff Garland, who had been working on community affairs and business development efforts in Delaware. He said the plant is currently “absolutely empty.” This is because Fisker has taken out the old GM equipment but has not yet installed the machines it would need to build the Atlantic. As Garland told Delaware Online, “I think what happened was the budget numbers are so tight right now and they’re working so hard to preserve as much cash as they can that something had to give. We’re not making a car in Wilmington right now, so given that situation it was an obvious place to make a cut.


Anonymous said...

Know your facts. When you blog. FISKER only took $193 million from the doe. The company is closing on financing now to REPY the doe. The govt has screwed Fiser with Red Tape. The Russians and the Chinese would give anything to own this and may. Yet naive misinformed people like you print noise like this that makes the company want to get out of the USA. It is people like you you that are driving the company, the jobs and the export dollars out of the country. Trying using FACTS in your stories instead of nonsensical spin.

Bluegrass Pundit said...

Did you follow the DOE link? The government claims it is a higher number. If you have evidence it was lower, present it. I linked my facts.