Friday, May 25, 2012

Comedy Gold: Elizabeth Warren Traded Her BMW 528i For A Ford Escape Hybrid Just Before Announcing Her Candidacy

 You mean Pocahontas doesn't doesn't ride a horse?

Via Howie Carr/Boston Herald:
If there’s any politician that infuriates me more than a carpetbaggin’, recipe-stealing fake Indian, it’s one that unloads her imported BMW 528i just before announcing her candidacy, and then doesn’t even bother to pay the automobile excise tax on her campaign’s new Ford Escape.
Yes, Comrade Warren, I’m talking about you.
A BMW — how tenured Harvard Law is it? She’d owned it since early 2000, but it had to go. After all, she’s a “fight-ah,” as her new TV ad says. So adios BMW and hello used 2008 Ford — hybrid, of course — which is registered to her teepee on Linnaean Street in Cambridge under Elizabeth for MA Inc.
For someone who wants to raise taxes on everybody, she certainly seems allergic to paying her own. Refuses to pay at the voluntary higher state income tax rate, and now totally blows off the auto excise tax for five weeks now and counting. When we first checked with the city of Cambridge on Monday, she owed $68.12 in overdue excise taxes.
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