Thursday, May 24, 2012

Latest Global Warming Scare: Climate Change Will Kill 150,000 in the Washington-Baltimore Corridor by 2099

So far the alarmists are batting zero on their predictions. Anyone want to make a bet on this one?

Via Washington Secrets:
If you go outside on hot summer days, prepare to feel sick — or die. A new global warming report claims that temperatures will rise up to 11 degrees over this century, killing an additional 150,000 or more Americans, and nearly 6,000 a year in the Washington-Baltimore corridor by 2099.
First to fall, according to a shocking report titled “Killer Summer Heat” from the National Resources Defense Council, will be the elderly, kids and the poor. And with more Baby Boomers heading into their Golden Years, they will likely be part of the death boom, if the alarmist projection comes true.
The report reviewed by Secrets is based on new analysis of the historical relationships between heat, weather conditions, and mortality for 40 cities. Those elements were then factored into projections that temperatures could rise 4 degrees-11 degrees.
“Our findings indicate that rising temperatures driven by unabated climate change will increase the number of life-threatening excessive heat events, resulting in thousands of additional heat-related deaths each year, with a cumulative toll of approximately 33,000 additional heat-related deaths by midcentury in these (40) cities, and more than 150,000 additional heat-related deaths by the century’s end,” said the report.
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Drewski said...

"Alarmist" predictions are a set of hypotheticals each with a high, low and middle expectation. As there have been no predictions of a lowering of temperature due to the flood of greenhouse gasses released into the atmosphere, then ALL predictions have been within the high, low or middle expectation. NO cooling has occurred in the past 4 decades which would have been out of every prediction. As a matter of fact, April 2012 was the 362 straight month of monthly averages higher than the corresponding months average in the 20th century. I would say that "alarmists" have been remarkably accurate.

Interested Bystander said...


With all due respect:

You're a nut.