Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Obama to press: Obamacare website failures aren't news anymore...

Marching orders...

Via The Hill:
President Obama expressed the White House’s frustration with news coverage of the Affordable Care Act’s rocky rollout by taking a jab at the press on Tuesday.
During his ObamaCare enrollment victory lap speech in the Rose Garden, the president swiped at reporters, who the White House believes were too eager to spotlight every incremental development associated with the site’s botched launch.
“I want to make sure everybody understands – in the months, years ahead, I guarantee you there will be additional challenges to implementing this law,” Obama said. “There will be days when the website stumbles. I guarantee it. So – press, I want you to anticipate there will be some moment when the website is down and I know it will be on all your front pages. It’s going to happen. It won’t be news.”
Obama cracked a smile during the remark, and Vice President Biden, standing behind the president, laughed as well.
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