Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Al Gore is alarmed FOX News is covering both sides of global warming debate

The Goracle should be worried. People are onto his scam and the gig is up. There will be no Cap-and Trade bill in the US and carbon trading has suffered a meltdown.

(Al Gore)- Today, Media Matters posted an alarming email sent by Bill Sammon, the Washington, DC, managing editor at Fox News. Sammon sent the email to Fox News producers on December 8, 2009 – just as the Climate Conference in Copenhagen was beginning:

“Subject:Given the controversy over the veracity of climate change data”
“we should refrain from asserting that the planet has warmed (or cooled) in any given period without IMMEDIATELY pointing out that such theories are based upon data that critics have called into question. It is not our place as journalists to assert such notions as facts, especially as this debate intensifies.”

But there’s no legitimate debate: the planet is warming. Moreover, man-made global warming pollution is the principal cause.

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