Wednesday, December 1, 2010

COP16 Expectations Dialed Back. Main Objectives Are Now Suntanning and Drinking Tequila.

Attendance is reportedly down as much as 82% at this years COP16 global warming climate change climate disruption conference of world leaders. President Obama and Nancy Pelosi both attended last year, but have decided to skip the conference in Cancun. Last years failure to reach a binding resolution was a big disappointment. This year the goals have been dialed back.

"Looking at what you have achieved over the past months, I am convinced that you can compromise to find your way to a concrete outcome in Cancun. That outcome needs to be both firm and dependable and have a dedicated follow-on process for future work," Figures added.

But expectations for the talks are decidedly more modest than they were in Copenhagen, and the array of problems that observers say sabotaged last year's talks remain.

They include a reluctance to pay for easing dependence on fossil fuels, failure to agree on greenhouse gas reduction targets, and a battle between industrialized and nonindustrialized nations over who should shoulder the brunt of the responsibility.

RFE/RL correspondent Komila Nabiyeva, who is covering the Cancun talks, said the mood of the conference is less ambitious than last year's.

Almost all the attendees are traveling on taxpayer's dime. There are worst places to spend a few wasted days.

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