Thursday, December 2, 2010

GOP Torpedoes Michelle Obama Nutrition Bill

Apparently, background checks for childcare workers is a poison pill for democrats.

The Hill reported:
House Republicans on Wednesday scuttled a Democratic bid to pass a child nutrition bill that’s at the center of first lady Michelle Obama’s anti-obesity agenda.

The $4.5 billion legislation, which has already been approved unanimously by the Senate, expands eligibility and funding for school lunch programs. Democrats had expected it to pass on Wednesday and be sent to President Obama for his signature, but Republicans used their last chance to amend the bill to offer a motion that would require criminal background checks for childcare workers and would have removed the federal mandate for paid meals in schools.

When Democrats saw that the poison-pill amendment was headed for passage, they pulled the bill off the floor, a Democratic aide said.

Update. It passed.

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10ksnooker said...

The fact we are broke, didn't even matter?