Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Meltdown on the Left: Keith Olbermann Reams Obama for Tax Deal (video)

The left-wing of the Democratic Party is in meltdown mode. Enjoy!

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Mo said...

KO's rants are difficult to watch even when I agree with what he's saying - which is rare. Is being angry a requirement to work a MSNBC? I guess their policy is if you say it with enough fervor the ravings of a lunatic might make sense to somebody.

The dosage of whatever meds he is on needs to be doubled. It appears he'll blow a gasket soon. Hopefully no one else will be hurt when it happens.

Ronbo said...

This man is one of the reason I pray for civil war, Proscription Lists and Revolutionary courts able to try and convict traitors.

Ubermensch is the Poster Boy for termination with extreme prejudice.