Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hypocrisy Alert: You Will Never Guess Which Liberal Organizations Require Photo ID To Enter Their Buildings

Add the Center for American Progress, the Advancement Project and the Holder's Department of Justice for starters.

Undercover video by PJTV:

The DOJ and many liberal organizations claim requiring a photo ID to vote is discriminatory. They clam many people don't have them. These organizations are obviously much less concerned about that when it comes to their own properties.


Anonymous said...

the objection to photo iD's as discriminatory is limited to the subject of voting, not to Photo ID's in general. This is due to the fact that many of the photo ID"s that are being written into these laws/proposals cost money. Citizens of the US are guaranteed a right to vote and as such it should not cost them money to be able to exercise that right. One of the beautiful things about things about this country is that everyone's vote is equal regardless of income, class, race, religion, etc. If conservatives are truly concerned about Photo ID's being such a vital and threatening issue to our republic, then they should endorse a national photo ID program (at no cost to individual citizens) or pick up the tab for state ID's to be issued at no costs to the citizens. That would get them there wish of photo ID's at the polls and remove the discriminatory element of the law(s). Somehow... I can't imagine they are going to hop on that idea anytime soon.

As to your argument of of hypocrisy, I work in a building that requires photo ID's to enter. My building, like many offices, issued a building photo ID to me at no cost to me. Every employee who works in my building is required to have a building issued ID as well... also at no cost to them.

this is quite different than requiring a citizen to pay for a right that is guaranteed to them by the constitution.

Anonymous said...

The states that require a photo ID do offer free cards to anyone. The state of Ga will come to you and give you one. This isn't about rights or expenses for getting an ID card. This is about not wanting people to only vote once. The Democrats don't want fair elections because they can't win that way.

Anonymous said...

Georgia is one of the few that has moved to issuing free ID's. However, I will admit my my mistake on lumping them in with the rest.

There are hardly any instances of proven voter fraud in this country, particularly people voting more than once. You can see analysis of those claims (and cases) here:

So I guess this comes down to a bigger question. Do we poetentially disenfrachise thousands of americans to protect against an extremely rare occurrence?

The reality is that lower voter turnout (particularly among the poorer and minority citizens) usually favors the republicans by far.

Anonymous said...

Wow. This may be the dumbest argument I've seen in favor of voter ID yet. The Constitution does not guarantee your right to enter the Department of Justice's building. It does, however, guarantee the right of citizens to vote.

If your concern is truly about "voter fraud," you will support efforts like that put forth by Minnesota's governor and secretary of state, to equip all poll workers with an electronic voting register with voters' pictures; not only was that option about 1/4 as expensive as the voter ID initiative the Republicans are putting on the ballot now, but it also would have stopped each and every case of "voter fraud" that a photo ID requirement would have stopped, while also ensuring that every person who has the right to vote is able to do so.

So, which is it? Is it actually about opposing "voter fraud," or is it about keeping people away from the polls?

If it's the former, you've now been shown a solution that can do that; it is therefore intellectually and morally unjustifiable for you to continue to support voter ID laws on the basis of "voter fraud" claims.

Therefore, if you continue to support voter ID laws despite your now having been shown a better solution to supposed "voter fraud," it is an inescapable logical conclusion that your true motivation is in denying the right to vote to those with whom you disagree.

The choice is clear: Support the Ritchie/Dayton solution, or stop calling yourself a (small R) republican. Those who believe in republics believe in the right to vote; now that you have been apprised of a solution to your "voter fraud" problem that would disenfranchise nobody, it is categorically impossible for you to both support voter ID laws and remain committed to the right to vote.