Thursday, May 3, 2012

Bizarre: Al Qaeda wanted to build "human lawn mower"

Osama bin Laden opposed the idea. Bin Laden thought human lawn mowers were bad , but flying planeloads of innocent men, women and children into building was good?
A few months before Osama bin Laden's death, websites linked to al Qaeda ran excited commentary about a proposed new killing machine dubbed the "human lawn mower." The idea was to attach rotating blades to the front of a pickup truck and drive the contraption into crowds.

While some jihadists admired the idea, one graying veteran of the terrorist movement took a stand against it. That was bin Laden himself, by then living out his twilight years in a Pakistani villa with ample time to think about his legacy. The man who famously ordered jetliners flown into skyscrapers drew the line at cutting down humans like weeds.

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