Wednesday, April 9, 2014

90% of NY Gun owners refusing to comply with Safe Act registration requirement...

Gun owners know registration is the precursor to confiscation.  Many tout Australia as a model for gun control. Prior to 1996, Australia has strict gun registration laws. In 1996, they banned all semi-automatics, self-loading guns and even pump shotguns. 

Via Breitbart:
With the April 15 deadline for gun registration under the SAFE Act fast approaching, estimates indicate over 90 percent of gun owners have yet to comply.Making matters worse for elected officials--and Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) in particular--is the fact that many law enforcement officers at various levels have openly stated that they will not enforce SAFE Act requirements. According to, while the state waits for the "registration of 1 million firearms designated as 'assault weapons' under the NY SAFE Act," leaks believed to be coming from within the New York State Police indicate the number registered to date is "as low as...3,000-5,000 firearms."This is figure is impossible to verify beyond a shadow of doubt because a provision in the SAFE Act forbids law enforcement from releasing registration figures. 

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