Saturday, April 5, 2014

Shameful: Obama allows Boeing to sell Iran spare parts to keep their planes flying...

These may be the same planes that attack Israel someday...

Via The JPost:
Boeing Co, the world’s biggest airplane manufacturer, on Friday said it received a license this week from the US Treasury Department to export certain spare parts for commercial aircraft to Iran as part of a temporary sanctions relief agreement reached in January.
A Boeing spokesman said the company would now contact Iranian officials to determine which parts were needed. The executive said the license covered only components needed to ensure continued safe flight operations of older Boeing planes sold to Iran before the 1979 revolution. Related:
The license did not allow any discussions about sales of new aircraft to Iran, the spokesman said.
Reuters reported in February that Boeing had applied for permission to export the parts to Iran during a six-month wind down agreed by Iran and six world powers in November.

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