Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New Prostitution Sting Video Disproves Media Matters' and ACORN's Story

A new prostitution sting video released by Big Government claims to prove media Matters and ACORN lied about what occurred at ACORN's Philadelphia office. ACON claimed they fake pimp and prostitute were quickly thrown out and the office personnel did not cooperate. This video is powerful evidence this is untrue. Some of the sound has been muted due to the ongoing lawsuit, but it is obvious the visit lasted a long time and the staff seemed helpful.

From Big Government:
Now that ACORN lied to you, Media Matters, what are you going to do?

**UPDATE 2:24 PM EST** We muted the audio of the ACORN employees on the video released today due to ACORN’s legal attack upon us. We call upon ACORN to state publicly now that it has no objection to the public release of any its employees oral statements to us. If they are interested in the truth, why wouldn’t they do so?

Don't hold your breath waiting for ACORN to give that approval.

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