Monday, April 11, 2011

Why does the press go wild because someone asks a simple question? Where's the Birth Certificate?

The New York Times' Charles Blow joins the effort to shut Donald Trump up. Why does the press go wild because someone asks a simple question? Where's the Birth Certificate?

President Obama could end this circus today if he was willing. Of course, the media and Obama apologists claim he has submitted the short form of his birth certificate and that is all Hawaii will issue now. CNN's Jon Klein went so far as to say CNN researched the issue and Hawaii destroyed all the old records after making electronic versions. Both these claims are utterly and completely false. You can see a copy of a long form birth certificate issued by the state of Hawaii in March 2011 of this year here. Need more proof? Here is a video shot in Honolulu, HI in mid-July 2010. A woman orders her long form birth certificate because the short certificate of live birth doesn't have the same information on it. It cost her a measly ten dollars.

Crank up the volume to hear audio of a woman ordering a long form Hawaiian birth certificate..

“Alright, (crackling) Do you……how long does it take? Is there an expedited fee? Or…… Cause I can come back…I can come over and pick it up in person too. It’s just (inaudible) …it’s just right across the street (inaudible) cause it turns out…all I,… I thought I had it, but all I have is that Certificate of Live Birth, it’s not the same. You said it’s ten dollars? Yes sir. ”
Real journalism has died an ugly death because the media's desire to provide cover for Barack Obama. I can still remember when the mainstream media was so eager to investigate President Bush's time, as a young man, in the Texas Air National Guard, they used "fake, but accurate" documents in a 60 Minutes segment. President Obama spent from one month to one year (we really don't know how long) in Pakistan or Afghanistan when he was a young man. Strangely, the media could care less how a poor college student could afford such an expensive trip or what young Obama Barry did while he was there. My how the times have changed.


ELmo said...

Where is Daniel Ellsberg when you need him? And wasn't it the likes of Dan Rather and Roger Mudd who drove Richard Nixon from office? Of course Nixon was a Republican (I lost myself there for a minute).

SE Pepper said...

Um, because he broke with 219 years worth of evidentiary continuance by NOT producing the COLB (certificate of live birth), thus, literally overnight, he made the unique quality of authentic lineage of the holder of that office null and void.....

Unknown said...

People who have gotten Long Form Certificate of Live Birth as recently as last month from Hawaii.