Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Don't let your Congress critter tell you he is in the same health insurance boat you are...

Lawmakers may have to buy Obamacare, but it isn't the same. First, Obama gave them  an exemption that allowed their employer, the taxpayers of this country, to pay 70 percent of their insurance premium. No one else is allowed to have their employer subsidize their exchange premium on the exchanges. That isn't the only perk Congress gets that you don't.

Via The NY Times:
Members of Congress like to boast that they will have the same health care enrollment experience as constituents[...]
That is true. As long as their constituents have access to “in-person support sessions” like the ones being conducted at the Capitol and congressional office buildings by the local exchange and four major insurers. Or can log on to a special Blue Cross and Blue Shield website for members of Congress and use a special toll-free telephone number — a “dedicated congressional health insurance plan assistance line.”
And then there is the fact that lawmakers have a larger menu of “gold plan” insurance choices than most of their constituents have back home.
While millions of Americans have been left to fend for themselves and go through the frustrating experience of trying to navigate the federal exchange, members of Congress and their aides have all sorts of assistance to help them sort through their options and enroll.

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