Friday, August 14, 2015

Why is Huma Abedin delaying swearing under oath she has given the State Department all of her work-related emails?

 My guess is Huma is in a real pickle. As Hillary's top aid and confidant, she undoubtedly exchanged a lot of work related emails with Hillary. Hillary has sworn under penalty of perjury that she turned all her emails over. If Huma turns over some between her and Hillary that Hillary did not, her boss is in a lot of trouble. Since Huma was using Hillary's secret server for some of her emails, it's unclear if she even got a copy of her email before the server was "wiped clean." We have to wonder if the delay turning email over is to allow time to sync what she turns over with what Hillary turned over. Of course, if she were to do that and be caught, she could face perjury charges. Tick tock....

Via Daily Mail:
Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton declared Monday under penalty of perjury that she has given the State Department all of her work-related emails from her four years as secretary of state, but her trusted aide Huma Abedin has not yet taken that step – despite a request from a federal judge.
Abedin’s lawyer Karen Dunn told Politico on Thursday that the longtime Clinton insider, who served as deputy chief of staff at State, plans to turn over her work-related emails and other messages from her tenure there by August 28.
But Dunn declined to say whether or not Abedin will ink the same statment Clinton has signed.
Abedin enjoyed a rare but legal status as a ‘Special Government Employee’ during part of her time in government, allowing her to double-dip with a second paycheck in the private sector.
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