Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mayo Clinic Cutting back on Medicare and Medicaid Patients due to Underpayment

President Obama has praised the Mayo Clinic for having the best quality and lowest cost health care in the country.
"Look at what the Mayo Clinic is able to do. It's got the best quality and the lowest cost of just about any system in the country," Obama said in Minneapolis this month. "So what we want to do is we want to help the whole country learn from what Mayo is doing. . . . That will save everybody money."

President Obama wants to "help the whole country learn from what Mayo is doing." Well Mr. President, the Mayo Clinic is cutting back on Medicare and Medicaid patients because the reimbursements Democrats plan to cut are already too low.
Mayo officials said Monday that the two moves were "business decisions" that had grown out of longstanding concerns about what it sees as underpayment by Medicare and Medicaid....

..."It simply is the reality of the health-care business, and how are we going to be able to continue our mission when these payments are so far below what it costs to provide the care."

If Obamacare passes, we may all be soon be denied access to high quality health care.

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