Monday, October 12, 2009

Top Ten Questions for Obama about Obamacare (video)

This is a must see video from the National Tea Party Coalition for all Americans interested in Health care reform. If you are an Obamacare supporter, this is going to hurt. This video askes the top ten unanswered health care questions President Obama needs to answer. Don't hold your breath.
The national leadership team of the Nationwide Tea Party Coalition today announced the results of the nationwide poll conducted over the past two weeks at the website "We asked the American people to select the top ten unanswered health care questions from a list of over thirty questions. Over 44,000 Americans voted in our poll, and today, we're announcing the results:

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Unknown said...

Good, but Dick Morris says the best way to now stop ObamaCare is to educate those under 30. This 3-D, anti-Obamacare ad is a great way to do it on their own turf: YouTube.

THIS is how conservatives need to start diversifying their messages to the youth audience so conservative messages all aren’t just scenes of tea parties and paintings of patriotic scenes. Please make this go viral, everyone. Please hurry! We can make an impact!