Friday, November 1, 2013

Amusing: Bill Ayers latest bomb is his book...

Perhaps Ayers should ghost write another book for Obama. 

Via Breitbart:
Unrepentant domestic terrorist and President Obama’s “friend from the neighborhood” Bill Ayers has received a warm welcome for his new book, Public Enemy, on MSNBC. On October 14, he appeared on Morning Joe, where the hosts fawned over him; on October 16, he stopped by Now with Alex Wagner.
Sadly, Public Enemy bombed, according to Bookscan numbers, which track book sales through traditional bookstores and From October 6 through October 20, Ayers sold a grand total of 467 copies of his book. By contrast, Mark Levin’s Ameritopia sold 56,756 copies in its debut week in 2012.

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