Saturday, March 14, 2015

Flashback to 2008: Candidate and Senator Obama sent an envoy to Iran and urged them to not sign a deal with outgoing Bush admin?

I would call Obama a hypocrite. The left should stay true to form and call him a traitor. 
Biden need not go back that far to find a senator who sent advice to a foreign power when similar “sensitive” negotiations were ongoing. Seven years back is far enough.
According to Pajamas Media columnist Michael Ledeen, in 2008, a Democratic senator sent a personal emissary to Tehran encouraging the mullahs not to sign an agreement with the outgoing Bush Administration as negotiations would take on a much friendlier tone following President Bush’s departure from office.
That senator was a presidential candidate at the time. His name was Barack Obama.
Perhaps Biden’s loophole in making his 36-year representation is that the message Senator Obama allegedly sent was not in written form. It was a verbal message delivered to Tehran’s leadership by Ambassador William G. Miller, who assured an enemy who was at war with us that a President Obama would be much more amicable to deal with.
While Biden suggests the GOP letter “undercut” Team Obama’s negotiations with Iran, what impact does he think presidential candidate Obama’s emissary had?

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