Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Florida House advances bill to keep transgenders out of the wrong bathroom...

Bathroom usage should be determined by plumbing, not how someone claims they feel that day. 

Via The Tampa Tribune
After a two hour hearing, a House panel Tuesday cleared legislation cast as “common sense” by proponents, but vocally opposed by the transgender community, which says it’s discriminatory.
The bill (HB 583) makes it a second-degree misdemeanor for someone to use a single-sex restroom if it does not match the gender on that person’s driver’s license or passport.
It has become the most contentious measure during the early parts of legislative session, with hours of testimony during its first two committee stops.
It is sponsored by state Rep. Frank Artiles, a Miami Republican, who says his top goal is public safety. He is specifically taking aim at a Miami-Dade County law that he says is overbroad, and will allow heterosexual men access to women’s bathrooms.

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