Monday, March 9, 2015

Obama walks back lie about finding out about Hillary Clinton private email address through the media...

Of course Obama exchanged email with Hillary at the Anything else is unbelievable. Obama must have realized he was going to be outed and decided to do it himself with the best spin possible. He is still a liar.
President Obama exchanged emails with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at her private address -- -- but did not know the details of her account or how she would comply with administration policy and federal records law, the White House said today.
“Yes, he was aware of her email address. He traded emails with her,” Obama spokesman Josh Earnest told ABC’s Jonathan Karl. “But he was not aware of her personal email server or that she was using it exclusively for all her business.”
Asked how often Obama and Clinton emailed, Earnest said he “would not describe the number as large.”

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