Monday, October 5, 2015

Ben Carson demands IRS revoke CAIR's tax exempt status...

CAIR engaged in politics by demanding Ben Carson withdraw. Don't expect much from Obama's politicized IRS. Now, If this were a tea Party group and the demand came from Bernie Sanders...

Via BPR:
Presidential contender Ben Carson‘s conflict with CAIR is getting hotter since Carson’s headline-making interview about a potential Muslim president.
The retired neurosurgeon on Saturday demanded that the IRS crack down on the Council on American-Islamic Relations for violating regulations that restrict the political involvement by groups that claim non-profit status.
The IRS has shown no problem with attacking conservative groups on much flimsier grounds during the Obama era.
It’s largely faded from the headlines, but the IRS targeting of conservative groups is one of the many “phony scandals” that have dogged the Obama administration. In an email on Saturday, Carson demanded that the IRS treat CAIR the way it treated conservative groups — with much less reason.
“The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) held a public press conference demanding that I withdraw from the presidential race,” Carson observed in an email announcing a petition to remove CAIR’s tax-exempt status, according to The Hill.
“Here’s the catch – CAIR is a tax-exempt nonprofit, and the IRS rules explicitly prohibit such groups from intervening in political campaigns on behalf of – or in opposition to – a candidate,” the email continues.
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