Saturday, October 10, 2015

Turkey seems to be blocking Twitter and Facebook after peace rally bombing kills over 80 people...

Another one of Obama's favorite Muslim leaders...

Via BGN News:
Access to social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook have been slowed down to a trickle in the wake of a deadly dual suicide bombing at a peace rally in Ankara that killed at least 86 and injured 186. Regular access is only available via Virtual Private Network (VPN).

No official explanation has been given as to why Twitter or Facebook are inaccessible, however Ankara has in the past resorted to blocking or slowing down access to social media platforms when faced with security crises or unfavorable coverage.

IT expert Füsun Sarp Nebil explains that it was a common tactic for the Telecommunications Directorate (TİB) to restrict access to the sites through internet service providers, slowing down access the same way one may reduce a tap.

“To put it plainly, those in control of the tap are turning it down,” she said, “After all there is nobody who knows, or cares, or is aware of what is going on. This is a matter of ‘Net Neutrality.’ Before there were violations of net neutrality for commercial considerations, but in countries like ours it’s violated for political reasons.”

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