Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Senate Demos vote down bill cracking down on sanctuary cities...

Pandering for votes means more to democrats than saving Americans lives. This is a sad day for the Democratic Party and America as a whole. 

Via Fox News:
Senate Democrats on Tuesday blocked a Republican-backed bill that would crack down on so-called sanctuary cities by threatening to withhold funds to local governments that don’t cooperate with federal immigration officials.
The bill failed on a 54-45 vote. It needed 60 to advance.
The Stop Sanctuary Cities Act became a lightning rod issue ahead of the vote, as GOP sponsors tried to peel off just a few Democrats to support it while Democratic leaders blasted the legislation as counterproductive. The White House issued a formal veto threat Tuesday morning, while the chamber’s top Democrat tried to discredit the measure by calling it “The Donald Trump Act.”
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