Friday, October 2, 2009

British Press Reams Obama Over Failed Olympic Bid

The British Press said Obama was "humiliated" by his failed bid to use his "rock star" persona to win the 2016 hosting of the Olympic games for his home town of Chicago.

It was only the Olympic Games, the White House will argue — not a high-stakes diplomatic gamble with North Korea. It is always worthwhile when Mr Obama sells America to the rest of the world, David Axelrod, his chief political adviser, said today. But that argument will fall on deaf ears in the US. Americans want their presidents to be winners.

Mr Obama was greeted — as usual — like a rock star by the IOC delegates in Copenhagen — then humiliated by them. Perception is reality. A narrow defeat for Chicago would have been acceptable — but the sheer scale of the defeat was a bombshell, and is a major blow for Mr Obama at a time when questions are being asked about his style of governance…

Watch Obama try to spin this into something other than a dismal failure.


Amusing Bunni said...
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Diogenes said...

I'm happy, too. This will show your redneck rightwingnuts for what you are: losers who simply want to knock Obama down from his perch. This isn't about politics of any kind: getting an Olympics for America is not any sort of "socialist" plot. Hosting Olympics is as American as it comes. Hell, Mitt Romney ran the winter Olympics in Utah.

No, this is all about putting "the boy" in his place. And don't kid yourselves: most Americans will look at your gloating and recognize you jerkweeds for what you truly are.

I'll be watching the Olympics on TV, whether it was in Cicago or Rio. But your crassnessis a gift sent from Heaven.

Thanks, Klansmen!

Bluegrass Pundit said...

Diogenes said...

"I'm happy, too. This will show your redneck rightwingnuts for what you are:"

Amusing Bunni opposed Chicago's Olympic bid, but she lives there and has that right. After all, she would have up put up with the traffic and crowds. I never gave a position on Chicago's Olympic bid. I merely commented and excerpted on the British presses reaction. How do you get racism from this? Is the Olympic Committee racist? Is the British Press racist? Do you see a racist behind every tree? In my experience, allegations of racism are usually used by those with no logical argument left. A good example was when 'truth czar' Joe Wilson yelled. "You Lie!" during Obama's health care speech to a joint session of Congress. After the MSM and others started agreeing in 'fact checks' that Wilson was right, some people started accusing Wilson of racism. It was the only pathetic arrow left in their quiver. Diogenes, your quiver must be running low too.

Amusing Bunni said...

Bluegrass Pundit: I just saw your nice comment defending me from that dip stick no attention to him. He has a bad habit of trolling the better right wing blogs and picking fights with people. These morons call out racist every chance they get.

And, you were so right! Of course I was opposed to the olympics here in chicago because of everything you said, the crowds, expenses, taxes going WAY up, colossal corruption in their being built, etc. etc.
Of course, all intelligent people know this.

These trolls never come to my blog directly, cowards. I don't engage their nonsence anyway. I just delete them and carry on. Thanks again.

You might have a laugh with my post about the nobel "Peace" prize I did today.....I'm waiting for the trolls to have a field day w/that one. Happy Weekend.