Friday, October 2, 2009

Official Unemployment Rate Rises to 9.8%, but Real Rate May be 17%

Chart found here.

Unemployment continues to rise to historic levels for recent years, but Obama continues to tout the stimulus.
The unemployment rate rose to 9.8 percent in September as employers cut far more jobs than expected, evidence that the longest recession since the 1930s is still inflicting widespread pain.


MAS1916 said...

As one of the 17%, it is difficult to listen to the lefties talk about how they are 'helping.' The increasing unemployment rate is directly due to government overspending and borrowing, which creates a shortage of reasonably priced capital available for business purposes.

Americans are angry right now ( ) and this is yet another reason.

Chris Brown said...

Obama has nothing to do with the lay offs most of the states didn't accept the stimulus money and those states that chose not to take the money are the very states that are still suffering, Florida is a big example they rather raise taxes on people who are already living paycheck to paycheck but hey that's just my opinion so study your facts before you judge, and remember Bush started the mess.