Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bill Maher: 'Teabaggers' are a Cult

Here is Bill Maher's latest verbal vomit:
The teabaggers, they're not a movement. They're a cult, and I'm going to prove it. You know someone has fallen into a cult if you see these signs: One. Cults have their own vocabulary. Now, I don't speak sh**kicker, but I know that in their world, freedom means guns, diplomacy means weakness, elitist means reader, and socialist means black.

Two. Cults tend to populate from within.encouraging members to have huge broods of children and to give them strange names, like Moonbeam, and Trig.

And three, cult members always attribute all of their problems to one simple explanation: [picture of Obama with Hitler moustache].

Even his liberal audience had trouble clapping.


lady di said...

this person is just playing to his base. I am a tea party patriot and the people I know , like me, helped vote Scott Brown into the Senate....

Anonymous said...

This is why I bash this guy on my blog as well. I especialy like the "elitist is someone who reads" crack. Reads what? The Constitution? The Bible? Or was he talking about Alinsky, which I have read. Moa, Stalin or Marx? (which I have also read. History? Well you get the point.


New Mama said...

Heres an idea.. post the entire quote rather than just the opening which is meant to be funny. He talks about the fact that 98% of teabaggers didnt realize taxes actually went DOWN under Obama. The tea party was founded as a war on taxes.. and you guys are fighting for something that isnt even a factor, because taxes are dOWN. He was pointing out that a party founded on TAXES should know this.. and only TWO percent of you do! Thats pretty pathetic. So get the story straight.