Thursday, February 25, 2010

What Part of 'No" Doesn't President Obama Understand?

President Obama's trap bipartisan health care summit is today. Republicans have agreed to show up, but they want to scrap the massive plan Obama and Democrats currently insist on starting from and start over. Americans clearly and overwhelmingly are saying "no" to the current plan.

Of course, President Obama and Democrats are planning to push ahead irregardless of what Americans think. The left thinks they are much smarter than ordinary Americans and they know what is best for you. Your opinion doesn't count. This is one of the big dangers of electing progressives. They are 'do-gooders' that think they know everything and the end justifies the means.


Angie said...

I'd feel better about this if McCain wasn't one of the so-called Republicans headed there.

Anonymous said...

Keep spouting what Faux News tells you to.