Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Obamacare deadline now extended for everyone...

The March 31st Obamacare sign-up deadline has now been extended for everyone. You only have to claim you tried to sign-up before march 31. It's based on the honor system. 
The Obama administration has decided to give extra time to Americans who say that they are unable to enroll in health-care plans through the federal insurance marketplace by the March 31 deadline.
Federal officials confirmed Tuesday evening that all consumers who have begun to apply for coverage on, but who do not finish by Monday, will have until about mid-April to ask for an extension.
Under the new rules, people will be able to qualify for an extension by checking a blue box on to indicate that they tried to enroll before the deadline. This method will rely on an honor system; the government will not try to determine whether the person is telling the truth. …

Administration officials said the accommodation is an attempt to prepare for a possible surge of people trying to sign up in the final days before the deadline. Such a flood could leave some people unable to get through the system.

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S Czaja said...

Completely illegal. A President can not simply rewrite laws. We have the rule of law or we don't. We also have immigration laws that were NEVER altered, yet Obama simply ignores and rewrites existing law.
Why do we have a Congress and why do we have laws if the chief law officer of the nation picks and chooses what he wants enforced!
Someone must stop Obama. SOON.