Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Obamacare has raised premiums 39 percent to 56 percent!

Barack Obama promised Obamacare would lower costs $2500 pe3r family. He lied.
Below is a cost summary provided by eHealthInsurance:
— Premiums have increased by 39 percent to 56 percent, compared to pre-Obamacare coverage. As of Feb. 24, the average premium for an individual health plan selected through eHealth without a subsidy was $274 per month, a 39 percent increase over the average individual premium for pre-Obamacare coverage.
— The most recent average premium for plans without a subsidy chosen by families was $663 per month, a 56 percent increase over the average family premium in Feb. 2013, which was $426 per month.
— For both individual and family applicants, bronze plans have been the most popular plan type chosen since the beginning of open enrollment.
— Shoppers chose less expensive plans as open enrollment progressed.

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