Thursday, March 12, 2009

Arizona Governor wants Federal troops for border

The level of violence across the border in Mexico has become so alarming Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer has requested the Federal Government to station more troops on the border. Mexico has deployed their Army to Juarez, across the border from Texas, to try to control the violent drug gangs that have taken over this border town. The situation is so bad in Juarez that the police chief has resigned and the Mayor moved out. Already this year there have been 1,000 people killed in Mexico along the border
Gov. Jan Brewer asks for federal troops to deal with violence at the Mexican border
Phoenix Business Journal

Drug wars and scores of murders in northern Mexico has prompted Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer to ask the Pentagon for more troops along the state’s border with Mexico.

Brewer has written U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates asking for an increase in National Guard troops from 150 to 400.

“Arizona communities and citizens are negatively affected by the impacts of the illegal drug trade and related border violence, and enforcement agencies in all jurisdictions are stretched as they attempt to address the enormity of the problems,” Brewer said Wednesday. “Our citizens must be protected from border violence. Arizona and other U.S./Mexico border states continue to be confronted by a number of unique and disproportionate challenges relative to other states and we bear significant unreimbursed costs in the public, nonprofit and business sectors associated with border related challenges.” (excerpt) read more at

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