Sunday, March 15, 2009

Lexington Bar has beer taps at tables

When I first read this story, I thought this was a horrible idea. I had visions of drunken drivers and brawls caused by an unlimited supply of cold beer. The owners of this innovative system have a solution to that problem. The server monitors the tables and can cut the entire table off by the push of a button. That is certainly easier that trying to take a pitcher away from a drunk patron. The servers still brings cold glasses to the tables periodically. I hope this doesn't reduce their tip.
O'Neill's has beer taps at tables
By Jim Jordan -

"It's every guy's dream," says Jason Bailey, a partner in O'Neill's Irish Pub. "We are in Guy Heaven."

The topic was Table Tap, an innovative way to get cold beer from the refrigerator to the table at O'Neill's on Richmond Road in Lexington.

Instead of a server carrying pitchers, a beer tap connected by plastic tubing to a keg in the bar's walk-in refrigerator is at the customer's table.

As each fresh glass of beer is poured, a meter embedded in the table registers the amount and the charge for each ounce, which depends on the brand of beer.

The going price for Budweiser is 17 cents an ounce.

"It's just like paying for gasoline, except we charge by the ounce instead of the gallon," Bailey said.

The tab can later be divided among the people at the table. (excerpt) read more at

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