Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Las Vegas brothels want to be taxed

A Nevada legislator has proposed a $5 per session tax on prostitution in Nevada. Surprisingly, the brothels are receptive to the idea. Their lobbyist even volunteered to be taxed in the run up to the session. This must be an attempt to make them seem more mainstream.

Proposed bill would tax prostitution at $5 per session
Senator says bill could bring $2 million a year to state coffers
By Cy Ryan

CARSON CITY – Sen. Bob Coffin, D-Las Vegas, proposed a tax on prostitution today that he says could raise $2 million a year for the state.

Patrons of prostitutes — both legal and illegal — would pay an extra $5 tax per session under the bill, which Coffin said was his idea alone.

In the runup to the legislative session, a lobbyist for the state’s legal brothels volunteered to be taxed, an effort that some said would guarantee their continued survival. Assembly Speaker Barbara Buckley turned down the industry, effectively killing the effort.

“I think we will support it,” George Flint, a spokesman for the state’s brothel industry, said of Coffin’s bill. (excerpt) read more at lasvegassun.com

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