Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Woman allegedly steals boob job

The economy has sunk to such a low level, a woman stole someones identity to get larger breast implants and other cosmetic work. She disappeared after the surgery and failed to return for follow up visits. The removed breast implants had a serial number that was tied back to her. Police have now apprehended Yvonne Pampellonne. I wonder if she will have to return her current implants?
Alleged SoCal Boob Bandit Busted

It was a serial number on discarded implants that led authorities to the real identity of the alleged SoCal Boob Bandit and may have been the tip police needed to take her into custody

Yvonne Pampellonne, 30, allegedly used a fraudulent identity to pay for liposuction and a breast implant exchange, according to the Huntington Beach Police Department.

The Laguna Niguel woman is accused of opening a line of credit in someone else's name in September 2008, having the procedures and then never showing up for any follow-up appointments, police said.(excerpt) read more at nbclosangeles.com

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