Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Obama is a babbling idiot without his teleprompter

Obama has become known as the teleprompter President. He almost never speaks with out it. Yesterday, he thanked himself when his teleprompter speech got switched. We need to find the person controlling his teleprompter. Then, we could get Obama to endorse water boarding and tax cuts for the rich. This was not his first or worst teleprompter gaffe. During the 2008 campaign, his teleprompter quit during a speech and he babbled like an idiot for several minutes. After you watch this video, you will wonder how voters were ever foolish enough to put him in the White House.

Obama Asthma Teleprompter Gaffe

2 comments: said...

I just hope the person operating the Teleprompter isn't a socialist. That person is the one running the country...

Shark Girl said...

WOW! He's always so "programmed" and this is worse than listening to Bush talk.

Too funny. So, he isn't a robot when the puppet strings aren't pulling on him. Good to see he's not a robot.

Question is, who writes his speeches for him if he's not able to speak on his own?