Sunday, March 29, 2009

Famous Congressional Tweets

Congress and Washington are embracing the new micro-blogging site Twitter. They have not all grasped the power or implications of the medium. Here are some famous Congressional tweets complied by

Less than ten days later, Blumenauer did it again. This time, however, he was just responding to a tweet. A tweet from Senator John McCain.

McCain dubbed Blumenauer’s “Oregon Solar Highway” earmark as the porkiest of all pork.

Bluemenauer responded: “McCain wasnt familiar with a blackberry right? Hows he supposed to understand a solar highway utilizing right-of-way to generate solar power.”


Then there was the Congressman who tweeted his trip to Iraq. The problem was, no one was supposed to know about it. It was a secret trip.

“Just landed in Baghdad,” blabbed Michigan Congressman Pete Hoekstra. “I believe it may be the first time I’ve had BlackBerry service in Iraq.”


Arizona Congressman Jeff Flake attempted sarcasm in one of his tweets.

“Pres Obama assured us tonight that he “doesn’t believe in big government.” Dang, that’s a relief!”

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Nope said...

It is a powerful new platform in that:

- Many congress members are using it.
- It limits thoughts to 140 characters.

All of the congressional tweets are available at