Tuesday, March 24, 2009

'Card Check' compromise in the works?

Three large US companies floated a compromise idea for 'card check'(EFCA) last week. The general reaction from other business leaders has been negative. The 70/50/30 proposal would move 'card check only' elections to the 70% threshold. Many business leaders pointed out unions currently only call an election when they reach the 65% signed card level. They say unions will just hold out for the 70% number instead of calling a secret ballot election. Surprisingly, unions often lose the election when they have 65% cards signed. Many workers sign a card, but later decide to vote against unionization. Union leaders were also cool to the proposal. They think they can get the Employee Free Choice Act passed in it's current form since Democrats control Congress and Barack Obama has pledged his support.

EFCA Compromise: An Update

Two sources familiar with discussions say that the alternatives to "card check" being circulated by companies like Whole Foods, Costco and Starbuck do not include what's become known as the 70/50/30 proposal, which would effectively permit card-check elections only when 70% of a company's eligible employees agree to join a union. The 70/50/30 proposal, the brainchild of DC labor lawyer Jay Krupin, was considered by the companies but rejected, according to one of the sources. The sources would not say what alternatives the companies are actually proposing, and there's no way to know whether partial compromises would attract the attention of lawmakers nervous about the Employee Free Choice Act. (excerpt) read more at politics.theatlantic.com

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